Set of 6 for new born baby upto 9 months


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“Key Features

  1. Made from soft fabric – This combo of stylish 1 Shirt is for newborn baby and teethers for baby.
  2. This 2 unit of wash cloth is Easy to wash and multipurpose
  3. Washcloth is very useful for cleaning baby’s face or the perfect to clean body post massage
  4. Quick and easy to take on and off top
  5. Soft absorbent
  6. Fabric is of cotton

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Set of 6 for new born baby up to 9 months by Love Baby – 2005 Blue

Love Baby Shower Hamper is a perfect gift for new born baby. We have lovely products which can be used on daily basis by new parents. Suitable for age 0+ months to 12 months. Made of entire pure cotton.

In the box, it has units altogether 6 units.
1 unit of Shirt has multiple elegant buttons,
2 unit of napkin which can be used is a multipurpose washcloth or known as a burp cloth and hand towel, this cloth has 2 different size i.e. small and big.
1 unit of how to care new born baby special instruction card and
2 teething sticks are suitable for the teething phase of baby.

This is perfect for all-season gifting products. More to know about this product:-
Say goodbye to untidy times with babies by opting for burp cloths. Burp cloths are an essential item that comes in handy while taking care of new born baby. These small pieces of cloth are absorbent and feel soft on a baby’s face. The uses of a burp cloth are many- from wiping spit to food, and clean running nose. And since a burp cloth frequently comes in contact with the baby’s bare skin, care must be taken that the cloth is soft, toxin-free and allergen-free at the same time. Here are some of the best burp cloths as reviewed by our editors.

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