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What is Cryoviva India

Cryoviva India is a leading healthcare company specializing in stem cell banking and preservation services. Founded in 2006, the company is dedicated to safeguarding the health and future of families by storing umbilical cord blood and tissue, which contain valuable stem cells with the potential to treat various diseases and conditions. Cryoviva India operates state-of-the-art storage facilities and follows international standards for stem cell preservation.

With a strong commitment to innovation and research, Cryoviva India has become a trusted name in the field of stem cell banking. They offer comprehensive services, from collecting and processing cord blood and tissue to long-term storage, ensuring that these precious resources are readily available for medical treatments.

Cryoviva India’s mission is to provide families with peace of mind and access to cutting-edge medical advancements by preserving these valuable stem cells for potential future therapeutic use.

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