One more sleepless night.

Eat hygienic Be hyienic

Imagine your 2year child is having 102° temperature and last for whole night even after giving medicines it was irresistible. You had given bath, you constantly put collan water straps to get your child temperature down but then it shoots up again after 2hrs. So this goes on untill its morning.

You try to go into quick flash back and figure out where you made a mistake or task left or what he had in food, why it happened. And all you realize is last evening he went to play in dust, before than he had chocolates by aunty omg! all odd thoughts. All your thoughts are out one by one.

Immediately in morning, you went to the doctor with your baby keeping wrapped in a wrapper due to cold. After checking doctor says baby is affected by infection in the air its viral.

Viral illness is virus even smaller than fungus spread infection in throat, lungs; ears causes chickenpox, measles, common cold and more.  And the best medicine is to take rest at home.

Besides giving medicines keep giving home remedies to bost immunity. Follow some grandma recipes like dry ginger and tipple powder. Provide hot water every 1hr say 2-3 spoons, keep giving fluids with different tastes to avoid dehydration. Consult Doctor if fever is or above 100 celsius.

Also make sure your kids wash their hands before having food, if you are going somewhere, out don’t forget to carry hand sanitiser, home boiled water. Point to be noted – there is lot of changes in climate going around these days; so if your child’s immunity is low they tend to get ill faster so, keep giving them turmeric milk every evening or night.

Eat more of leafy vegetables if they dont have directly make a tasty soup. Fruits or fruit juice, nuts or roasted one taste good.  In case of sore throat, give half cup of hot water with 1/4 teaspoon turmeric and a pinch of salt works every really well.

By that now you can say “be hygiene eat hygiene”.

Soon in our next articles, we are going to share some quick baby friendly recipes. Stay tuned!

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