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#Super Women = #Super Mom #Super Daughter #Super Wife #Super Daughter-in-law all with Super Power, So Are You Super Women?

The answer will be a big ‘No’ and its true but on people’s expectations it has to be ‘superwoman’ tag. So sad!

The fact is women herself don’t realize that even without having supernatural power she has that actual power to be real women that is equal to #SuperWomen. And why not when it comes to finishing office or home task or looking after kids life or to give valuable time to dearest hubby and above all when it comes to get in peace for your own-self all this need a magical stick which women has within.

Unlike other super women even I have super powers through which I balance my life, yes as a Working women & A Housewife & a Mother. Since year’s people have a mindset that working women cannot manage home visa verse housewife cannot manage office. It is so weird that even in this digital era people having that typical mindset which has not changed. So as usual women have to keep on struggling with their circumstances and so I do.

Let me tell you something about myself.

Say few years back my life was like hell, all I was sitting on pins and needles. I couldn’t manage all sort of multitasking like work, home, two small kids, social life everything was messed up.

I never felt that I lost my identity but surely was very much stuck in managing it. This lead to me high stress ultimately put me into bed rest. Feeling of failure which was pinching me took my confidence to lower side. I think every mother goes through this face here they learn a lot about how to manage it.

Like said every cloud has a silver lining my hubby’s and my mentors were that silver line who supported me a lot and gave me direction. And finally I initiated with Work From Home this was like a game changer in my life. It was like beginning of new journey where I learnt many things. I started making notes, to do list of my priorities accordingly did scheduling of desk work as well as household work. With zero experience I entered into Digital Marketing learnt many  new skills , tricks and tools to achieve my dream goals. It’s an amazing digital platform for stay at home moms, working with freedom, giving time to your family, earning money, keeping eye on your kids what else we want.

This is for all women come join our influence program or try to start a new business with us.

So all you women there believe in yourself figure out what works for you & do that. We need to put our shoulders on the wheels to give your best shot; at success, wealth, happiness which show ‘you as you’ and ‘more you step into the New You’ will be ‘Real You.’

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